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Welcome to the rebirth of s i l e n c e. After a lengthy hiatus, I decided that afterall, I loved this website and that it would be worthwhile to resurrect it.

Along with the older information of s i l e n c e will be new sections. Please enjoy. If, for any reason, you wish to return to the main page, click on the title on the right hand side of the window by the sleeping Hotaru.

If you are new to Sailormoon or the four mysterious Sailor Senshi (for example, if you have only seen the dub), this is a website dedicated to the silent, misunderstood Sailor Senshi, Hotaru Tomoe, AKA Sailor Saturn.

Please enjoy this site, as it was intended for your enjoyment, and leave me some feedback. :)

Updates, if any, to this page, will be posted right here on the main page.