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Tomoe Hotaru made brief, unexpected appearances in the anime, and they never lasted for long. All the outer senshi were cut completely out of Sailormoon SuperS and had patchy appearences in Stars.

In the manga, the version told straight from Takeuchi Naoko-sama's hand, Hotaru played a much more important role . . . .

We first meet Hotaru in SailormoonS. She is the slim, quiet figure dressed in the Mugen Gakuen school uniform. Chibi-usa befriends her, much to the suspicions of Kaolinite and her father; they know she is very unpopular. We learn of her sickness and her obvious displeasure at home.

Much to Hotaru's surprise, Chibi-usa appears at her house one day. Chibi-usa comments how romantic Hotaru's room looks with all her lamps, to which Hotaru replies, "I prefer obscurity".

Later it is revealed that Hotaru is a cyborg, half-machine and half-human. Chibi-usa learns this, and Hotaru tries to go after her to explain, but falls ill, and feels like something is trying to push out of her skull. This forces turns out to be Mistress Nine, the evil force within Hotaru.

She is taken over by this powerful force, who is trying to ready the world for the coming of Master Pharoah Ninety. Mistress Nine gains her power by stealing Chibi-usa's Ginzuishou, effectively killing her.

But Hotaru is strong in spirit, and escapes Mistress Nine. She is awakened as Sailorsaturn, and returns Chibi-usa's crystal. She tells the other senshi that she has no choice, that because of the aliens, she must weild the Silence Glaive. She screams the dreaded phrase "Death Reborn Revolution!" and ribbons of energy swirl around her.

There is a moment of eerie silence (depicted by a simple outline picture of Hotaru) and there is a massive crash. Hotaru and the aliens swirl through a gate, which is closed by Sailorpluto, as Saturn instructed.

As the Messiah, Usagi, is transformed into Neo-Queen Serenity, a small baby appears, who is revealed to be Hotaru. The three Outer Senshi realize this is their responsibility, and disappear in helicopters, Hotaru in Sailorneptune's arms.



The Outer Senshi appear again, halfway through Sailormoon SuperS. Michiru, Haruka, Setsuna (all wearing similiar rings) live together and are raising Hotaru, who is now around 4 years old -- and extremely kawaii. She also plays the violin in the manga, although she makes a strange vision of Chibi-usa crying about Pegasus appear.

Hotaru's age does not last long before Hotaru's memories are awakened by the spirit of Sailorsaturn. She, and the outer senshi, join the attack against Neherenia.

Sailorsaturn also tries to convince the Amazon Quartet to join the senshi side (the "good" side :). They are about to accept when Zirconia appears, obviously angry. The Quartet try and beg for Zirconia's forgiveness, but they are sealed into balls by him anyways. Later on, Sailorsaturn steals the balls, and the Quartet are turned into their true selves -- the Asteroid Senshi.

So begins a new season, and so appear new enemies -- and new senshi. The Outer Senshi, and even the Inner Senshi, are pushed aside for numerous new characters. They are all killed by Galaxia and her minions, but Galaxia, knowing the senshi's strength, gives them bracelets like her Anima-Mates wear and puts the senshi under her command.

They all gain new attacks that bear a resemblence to the old ones. Sailorsaturn's is "Galactica Glaive Surprise!" But Sailormoon uses her own attack on the evil senshi and their bracelets shatter and they disappear.

They return after the battle, because of Usagi's power, drawing upon their power and wishing them back.