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As any fan of Sailormoon may know, Tomoe Hotaru is representative of the planet Saturn. Saturn's symbolism reflects Hotaru, reflects her personality.

According to Astrology and You by Julia and Derek Parker, "Saturn imposes essential limits and encourages self-discipline. It regulates and controls personal growth and development. The house that Saturn occupies reveals the areas in which the individual may experience particular difficulties and hardships during his or her passage through life. Progress in these areas may only be made after a great deal of effort."

Hotaru, as you may or may not have known, is Capricorn, and Capricorn's ruling planet is Saturn.

When the planet Saturn is in Capricorn, the ruling power is very strong because Saturn rules Capricorn. Exercise is important because Saturn rules the bones. Stiffness of joints should be avoided.

In Greek and Roman mythology, Saturn or Cronos is a destructive and cruel god who causes a lot of death. Sailorsaturn is the bringer of the silence, and her glaive, a tool of death, emphasizes this. However, unlike Cronos, Sailorsaturn is not cruel and destructive — at least not by her own will.

There will be more to come to this section as I research it.