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"And the Raven, never flitting, still is sitting - still is sitting
On the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door;
And his eyes have all the seeming of a Demon that is dreaming,
And the lamp-light o'er him streaming throws his shadow on the floor;
And my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor
Shall be lifted - nevermore"



The Dark one, silent one.. the one who is feared. We gather quotes said by the Silent one, or said by others in reference to her and the power she holds. Many quotes are very Saturnish, so we included them here. You may be surprised of some of the things that are said by or about the dark one. Some phrases very different than appearance. Without light, there cannot be darkness..

"Protected by Saturn, Planet of Silence... I am the soldier of destruction and rebirth...I am Sailor Saturn" - Sailorsaturn

"I am known as the Soldier of Destruction because I have been given the power to destroy whole worlds. But when I use that power, even I have no escape." - Sailorsaturn

"The world for me and my master is about to begin" - Mistress Nine

"The Soldier of Destruction...has resurrected..." - Sailoruranus

"I am not Hotaru anymore. I am now the only one who can save this world from the Silence. Just leave the rest to me." - Sailorsaturn

[Uranus] "Is it really you, Sailor Pluto?"
[Pluto] "There is a big warp in the time-line."
[Uranus] "That's Hotaru, isn't it?"
[Pluto] "I borrowed her from Professor Tomoe."
[Uranus] "Why?"
[Pluto] "It's getting close to the time, when we need her power."

"The time for reform has come" - Hotaru

"Haruka papa, Michiru mama." - Hotaru

"I'm Sailor Saturn. I'm your protector. The time has some. You have to awaken." - Sailorsaturn

"The danger is approaching the princess. The darkness is approaching" - Hotaru

[Moon] "Why did you come?"
[Pluto] "Saturn told us about your danger."
[Saturn] "It's time for you to awaken as the real princess of the moon. Everyone must gather their hearts together."

[Saturn] "Then I'll have to release my power of destruction to end everything."
[Neherenia] "If you use that power, you will be destroyed too. Do it if you can."
[Saturn] "That is my destiny."
[Neherenia] "What good is that."
[Saturn] "I believe in the princess."

[Saturn] Do you like Sailormoon?
Starfighter and Sailormoon stare at each other.
[Fighter] Yes.
[Saturn] That's good. We have the same hope. Please believe in our princess.

[Galaxia] Even if you all attack me together, you can't hurt me.
[Saturn] Then I'll kill you, even if costs me my life.

"The darkness calls to the light, and the light calls again to the darkness. Is this the will of the galaxy? Saying I will end the war... Will that be the end of everything? And that glaive of death, this time must I be the one to bring it down?" -- Sailormoon

"My forehead hurts... Like it's splitting... I'm nauseous... It hurts... From my throat, from my forehead, from my whole body, something is trying to get out. It must not get out! It mustn't!" - Hotaru

"What a storm of light! Such a strong aura! I can see a pillar of energy running up to the sky! Once on our mother planet, the Taioron Crystal was full of energy. Thousands of times the power! I can see an awful number of starlights in there. Sailormoon! That enormous power! What is it!? Does that give you all power!?" - Hotaru

"What we carry, the strongest weapons of the outer solar system, the talismans, are beginning to resonate like we've never seen. We gathered them. Then, the beautifully shining talismans summoned, from the forbidden planet, the final soldier, who must not awaken. The soldier of silence, who carries the protection of the planet of ruin, Saturn. Sailor Saturn. Then we knew the end would come. We watched as she slowly brought down her silence glaive, as the Silver Millennium went into oblivion. Our power gave out." - Mamoru

"Sailorsaturn appears at the moment of destruction. She takes all to nothing. She is the guide to death. When the three talismans are together, they will invoke the key that will call Sailor Saturn. We are the guardians of that key. The time when we gather them, the three talismans, that is the time of Sailor Saturn's awakening. The three talismans must not be able to be brought together. The time when Sailorsaturn awakens... Is the time of the death of this world. The time of the ruin of this world." - Mamoru

"If there was, we'd use it, we don't have long. The child's body... You've seen it, right, Chibi-Usagi-chan? She was seriously ill from an accident when she was 6 years old. It was a miracle she returned from her coma alive. As she had the best mind, she was the result of the outcast Professor Tomoe's life work. The fusion of man and machine. Just like a doll, the professor converted her body into that of a machine. The child's small body has already been worn out." -- Haruka

"There is only one way her body can be saved. That would be for her to become a soldier with power, and awaken as Sailorsaturn. But we can't let that happen." -- Mamoru

"Hotaru-chan is Sailorsaturn, who will call the ruin..." - Chibi-usa

"I've got it, I've got it! The Mystical Silver Crystal. Master Pharaoh 90! I've awakened! Heh heh! Ahahahaha!" - Hotaru/Mistress Nine

"I didn't want people to know the secret of my cold body that blood doesn't flow through. I was all by myself. Dad only cared about his research. I thought I was going to die all alone." - Hotaru

"She's such a dark person. She always has a vacant face. It's well-known that she's a bit strange." - Schoolgirl

"With the power of my body, I might be able to protect the Mystical Silver Crystal, and the spirits of Chibi-Usa-chan and the four soldiers...! My spirit was seized by them. It is my death... But why is this all I can do? My dad is gone... I have nothing anymore... But why do I still have power? If I'm this strong... Inside of me, I feel another, bigger me. That me is saying to keep life, and save everyone. All I can do is to take these five spirits, and the Mystical Silver Crystal, and rescue them from here!" - Hotaru

"I am the messenger from the depths of death. Carrier of the protection of the planet of ruin, Saturn. The soldier of silence. Sailorsaturn." - Sailorsaturn

(refering to the glaive) "The scythe of the goddess of death." - Michiru

"You abominable creature! Invader! Return to nothingness! Then the death for this world!" - Sailorsaturn

"The suffering of the moment of destruction. Now! Right away! The guide to death, Sailorsaturn, will lead to the world of silence and nothingness!" - Sailorsaturn

"Sailormoon, because you opened up the power of the legendary moon chalice and the Mystical Silver Crystal, you can save this planet. For my rebirth, I eliminate death and destruction. Soon the Tokyo where the Silver Millennium is will dwell on this chosen land. The sacred power is on your side. Sailorpluto! Forever shut the passage to the other world!" - Sailorsaturn

"Through the accident in this Infinity zone," says Saturn, "the one I was supposed to have eternal sleep in, 'Hotaru,' began to live without life as a cyborg. In that girl's body, I wasn't supposed to awaken. It was a shock to my spirit as well. Then that body began to live under the utilization. Then Professor Tomoe's twisted mind summoned those from the other world. But... There was nothing I could do. We were drawn here. The passage of the other world opened here. This land was the chosen place. All the power gathered here. And then everything began the walk toward ruin. Everything was set up by fate. Now that I've awakened, I must bring down this silence glaive." -- Sailorsaturn

"Along with death... Hope and rebirth begin." - Sailorsaturn

Do not take ANY of these quotes in this context without expressed permission from the authors. You can ask permission from us here, but I don't think we'll let you because this is part of the page we have tried to keep unique despite the greedy and selfish people stealing direct quotes.