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Poetry by fans about Hotaru


In the dim light of the lamp
Blackest pitch
Silence deafening
Appearances Deceiving

In the dim light of the lamp
See her?
She reads
Those eyes..
They see all
Right through you

In the dim light of the lamp
She sits in her room
The light burns out
A flash of cold metal
You feel it at your throat
Beg for mercy

Senshi of Silence
She appears
In the dim light of the lamp..

- In the dim light of the lamp, By Keika


You step onto a street. It is early evening. Surprisingly, the street is vacant. A heavy silence hangs in the air. You are filled with incredible fear as the sky grows suddenely dark. The cold around you is almost unbearable. It is very bitter. You uncontrollably shiver as the heavy silence presses down upon you. Tears stream down your face as you hopelessly run through the street, screaming the name of your most loved one. Finally, you collapse from physical exhaustion, hot burning tears still stinging your eyes. You are just about to give up when you hear light footsteps approaching you. You lift your head and spin around, filled with sudden hope for the presence of someone, anyone really, when you are met face to face with cold, sharp metal. You can't help but gawk at the frighteningly sythelike spear looming an inch away from your nose. You slowly look up the polearm, continually looking up the weapon until you make eye contact with whomever is holding this instrument of death. There stands the dark messiah. Her inpenetrable purple eyes burning through you, staring you down. Her short shiny black hair tousled carelessly by the wind which has suddenely begun to blow. Her face is inscrutable. There is just an expression of blankness. Calm. It is terrifying. You just wish she would say something. The winds cease and sound mutes as the silent one raises her glaive and slowly lowers it. You try to scream but no sound emits from your throat. You collapse and give up. Then everything goes black.

-untitled, by Keika


a heavy mist hangs in the air. its density is intoxicating. you sit on a pedestal of some sort, surrounded by stuffed toys — your head hangs lifelessly. there is no sound to be heard; the silence is deafening. silence: the awakening. silence: the darkness is approaching. silence. . .

you close your eyes as the foggy mist rises and envelops you. it is cold, unwelcoming. it makes you shudder. raw shivers pulsate through your body, making you tremble mindlessly, grasping for that bit of warmth which so quickly escapes your body. . . silence . . . cold . . . the nuclear winter . . .

then, a flash of cold metal. . . silence . . . you open your eyes as wide as you can. . . silence . . . the dark messiah materializes before you . . . silence . . . the glaive she points at you so menacingly shoots spikes of panic and terror which course through your veins . . . silence . . . you scream, but there is no sound . . . only silence . . . senshi of darkness . . . soldier of destruction . . . bringing death . . . and eternal . . .

s i l e n c e

- s i l e n c e, by Keika


That is you.
In two senses of the word.
First, there is the obvious implication.
But then, there is that unspoken undertone that lies right beneath the surface.
The very thought of the words, I’m sure, sends shivers through your body.
Frail, small body,
Yet capable of so much.
So you wait and watch and listen,
Close-mouthed, pale lips pinched together,
Afraid of hearing your own meek voice not to mention uttering those dreadful words.
Because, when the world ends,
You will also end.
And then there will be silence again.
And you would rather be silent now than then.

- Hotaru, By Dayna---

In the dark,
a pale light shines...
Firefly Girl
A power,
such a weak body confines..
Poor Firefly Girl
A power of healing-
For the ill
A power of destruction-
There to kill T
hatšs what makes her lonely..
Firefly Girl

- Firefly Girl- Hotarušs Poem, by Mari-chan